Webbie FAQ's

In our experience, there are always more questions. We hope that our FAQ's page will answer many or most of the questions you have. If you have other questions please feel free to contact us using the online chat in the bottom right of every page or send us a question in our Contact Us page or for existing clients open a Support Ticket at our Members area. We will respond as quickly as we can.


Webbie.express and SSL

Webbie.express offers free SSL certificates for all Webbie.express Domains and third-party domains connected and pointing to a Webbie.express site. With SSL enabled automatically, your visitors can access a constant, secure website.

PCI-DSS compliance

PCI-DSS compliance is a security standard for companies and organizations that handle payment information from consumers. Both of Webbie.express’s payment processors, Authorize.net and PayPal, are PCI compliant.

Can Webbie.express support my high-traffic site?

Webbie.express is hosted on our servers, and all of our websites can support significantly high amounts of traffic.

As your site gets more and more popular, it will be supported properly by continually adding new servers to handle the increased traffic.

Where does Webbie.express store my data?

We store your data in multiple Tier III data centers across North America. We serve images and other static assets via multiple geographically distributed content delivery networks (CDNs). This ensures disaster recovery in case of any catastrophic event and continuity for your website.

Content backups

Webbie.express takes infrastructure and backup plans very seriously. While we use our own servers to protect your site content, you can also take steps to ensure that you have copies for your sense of security.

Adding a cookie banner

European Union (EU) laws require website owners to inform their visitors of cookies placed by their website and to receive visitors’ consent to use certain types of cookies. I received a suspicious email.

Is it from Webbie.express?

"Phishing" is when scammers send emails or text messages attempting to trick you into giving them your personal information. These emails often impersonate trusted companies like Webbie.express. Webbie.express will never ask you for your personal information by email or by phone of text. Only you can ask for and retrieve your personal information.

Google says "This site may be hacked"

In Google search results, you might see a message below your site title and URL that says "This site may be hacked." Fill out a support ticket with us and we'll fix it for you. It probably won't every happen due to our high security but with hackers you never know so we'll help you if that happens. We also have backups that could be restored to cure it.

Preventing Form Block spam

Use this guide to reduce spammy messages sent through your site's Form Blocks. Although there's no way to block all spam from reaching you, there are a few strategies to filter them and block them.

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